If your vehicle’s air conditioning isn’t working or is underperforming, you’ve certainly noticed it in the recent persistent heat wave. There are plenty of reasons this could be the case (See: “My Car’s AC Is Blowing Hot Air!” for a few possibilities), but a problem we see frequently is a leaking evaporator coil.

Also known as the evaporator core, this component helps regulate AC temperature by cycling refrigerant through the system–essentially converting warm air to cool air with the help of the engine’s blower fan and compressor. A leak in the evaporator coil disrupts this process and eventually causes the system to fail.


While most leaks are caused by damaged outer seams on the evaporator core, others are a result of corrosion inside the unit. This usually happens when leaves or other debris make their way in through the air intake and decompose. No matter what the cause of the leak, you will need to get it replaced. Unfortunately, the only way to tell if the evaporator core is the culprit is to bring it in to an experienced auto mechanic like American Pride Automotive.


A customer recently brought their truck into the shop with AC problems and we narrowed down the issue to be a pretty clearly leaky evaporator. Diagnosing and repair an evaporator core is a labor intensive process.