1. Opening the rear windows will pump out the hot air.
Tips For Using Car AC In Hot Weather More Efficiently

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Using car AC in hot weather could be a tricky business because the air conditioning system gets a workout during the summer season. When the temperature rises so high that it seems to melt away even the asphalt on the road, you just want to turn the AC at a high speed, hoping to beat the heat. Most people don’t know how the system works, so they use it the incorrect way and burn more fuel than required.

Using Car AC In Hot Weather: Tips To Maximize The Performance

It’s a sunny summer afternoon and you just want to get home after your office. Well, get into the car and you will literally feel like being roasted inside an oven! It takes a few minutes for the AC to kick in and work in a full swing. However, you don’t need to sweat anymore as these tips will help to cool the vehicle faster. Let’s check some best ways of using car AC in hot weather.

Pump Out The Hot Air

Nobody likes to sit inside an oven, even if it’s for just a couple of minutes. So, your first step is to cool off the interior (or getting the super-hot air inside the vehicle out). Before getting into the car, roll down the rear windows and successively open and close the driver’s door for several times. It will force out some hot air within seconds.

Pump Out More While Driving

The AC works much better while you are driving because is compressor runs faster with the rotation of the engine. Switching the AC on before driving will just be a wastage of time and fuel. Keep the passenger seat windows open for half a minute to pump the hot air out of the cabin. Don’t make the mistake of opening up the front windows because it will clear up the front side only while the rear cabin will still be hot.

It will be quicker if your automobile has a sunroof. While driving, keep it open for a minute and all the hot air will rise and get out through the hole.